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IN AUTUMN 2023 I participated in the Main Title Concepting, Design and Pitching Lab hosted by Sarofsky (Chicago, IL)

Each participant was invited to design a Main Title concept for a creative brief of our choosing from Sarofsky's recent work.

I chose CITADEL, I have not watched any of the new show so I came into the ideation process cold.


In about 12 hours time I devised a concept, designed it, and create style frames for a pitch presentation. It was such a fulfilling experience and I am delighted in my concept. If you travel down past the style frames you can read the creative brief and a paragraph explaining the entire sequence concept and what it would look like. For any questions please send them my way. CONTACT ROSS

Citadel_Frame 01.jpg
Citadel_Frame 02.jpg
01 TitlePage.jpg
Citadel_Frame 03.jpg
Citadel_Frame 04.jpg
02 Brief.jpg
03 Pitch.jpg
Z Thumbnails.jpg

Below you will find a hodgepodge of designs I completed for various projects.

Board 6.jpg
Board 5.jpg
FRAME 01.jpg
FRAME 02.jpg
FRAME 06.jpg
Frame 01.jpg
Frame 02.jpg
Frame 03.jpg
Frame 04.jpg
Frame 05.jpg
Frame 06.jpg
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