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St. Patrick's Day - Seasonal Ad

As a famous beer brand that goes back to 1759, designing this branded spec ad was fun. Crafted as part of a class assignment while in grad school, the assignment was primarily to create a seasonal using Cinema 4D. Below are my two pitches, process and storyboards, and the final ad. Please get in touch with me with any questions you might have.


It started with a brainstorming session. Since this project came about in February the next holiday coming

up was St. Patrick's Day, which so happened to be my favorite holiday. So I brainstormed products

that could tie nicely with St. Patty's Day...


After deciding to go with Guinness, I needed to create some storyboards to develop my idea for the ad. The concept involved a coin rolling across the screen, moving around an environment filled with clovers and shamrocks. In the end, the coin reaches a pint of Guinness resting at the end of a rainbow on a pile of coins. I enjoyed creating the ad using Cinema 4D and After Effects, but my favorite part was the copy that

I wrote for it: "Richness Abounds." I felt it perfectly described why Guinness is the best beer in the world, while also commenting on the increased wealth associated with finding a pot of gold.


Finally, without further ado, here is the final draft of the seasonal ad titled "Richness Abounds,"

the Guinness advertisement that I designed, crafted, and animated.


Watch the finished piece

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